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    is exceedingly versatile Concert-Pianist, Singer (Mezzo-soprano/Contralto) and Composer. Her repertoire encloses classical music as well as musical, jazz, cabaret and chanson.
    Born in St. Petersburg she is a cosmopolitan: she lived in Russia, Ukraine, Mexico and USA. Thereby she was influenced by the cultures of these countries and absorbed their musical impulses: Natasha sings Russian romances and Mexican boleros with the same authentic brilliance as American blues and German cabaret songs. Each of her performances turns into a small or a big drama, which tells the story of love, sorrow and hope.
    In 2010 Sir Simon Rattle and Wynton Marsalis engaged Natasha as a pianist in the Tanz-Education-Projekt “MusicTANZ” of Berliner Philharmoniker. Since then she lives in Berlin, where she devotes herself to her favourite project: the Chanson-Theatre.

  • Voice

    Natasha studied opera singing under guidance of Trish McCaffrey in New York. She performed numerous solo- and oratorio-concerts in one of the most famous concert halls in Mexico (Palacio de Bellas Artes, Sala Netzahualcoatl) and USA (Weill Recital Hall-Carnegie Hall, Trinity Church-New York).
    Natasha has a dark, voluminous and at the same time very versatile voice, which enables her to sing with freedom and sensuality opera as well as jazz.

  • Piano

    Natasha earned her Master Solo Performance Degree at Odessa State Conservatory. Later she pursued an intensive concert activity in Mexico and USA. Thereby she performed as soloist and in piano duo with Gustavo Rivero Weber. In some major concert halls (Palacio de Bellas Artes, Sala Netzahualcoatl, etc.) Natasha had her debut twice: first as a solo-pianist and later as a solo-mezzo-soprano. Her works as a classical recording artist are “Nietzsche, his music” (coproduction with UNAM), “Warsaw Concerto” with National Symphonic Orchestra, etc.




N. Tarasova


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