Piano lessons

Natasha Tarasova received her Master Degree as Piano Soloist, Teacher, Musician of Chamber Ensemble and Concertmaster from Odessa State Conservatory (Ukraine). She disposes of a many years’ experience as a Docent in State Music High School of Mexico, where she gave Individual Lessons as well as Master Classes. Her students such as Anthony Tamayo, Astrid Morales, Vivian Villecania, etc. are laureates of many school-, national and international competitions.
Now a days lives Natasha in Berlin, where she gives private lessons for beginners and advanced piano students. One oft the most important parts of her professional activities are also preparations for entrance examinations for High Schools of Music and Theatre and auditions.

Voice lessons

In the realm of opera and jazz vocals Natasha continued her studies by Trish McCaffrey (trishmccaffrey.com) in New York (USA). Natasha works in Berlin as a singing teacher and as a vocal coach for professional singers and actors.

As a follower of Trish McCaffrey’s School Natasha believes, that the classical vocal technique is a technique of a healthy singing, doesn’t matter what you sing: opera, jazz or musical. Natasha’s also means, that words and artistic purposes should be on the first place of importance, and the beauty of the voice is not a goal but an instrument.
Natasha’s own experience, first as a student for singing and later as a singing teacher, proves, that Singing offers a great therapeutic benefit. It helps people to open themselves to the life, to relax and to understand who they actually are. Natasha’s Music therapeutic method is based on classical vocal school, western philosophy and Indian chakra-teaching.

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